About Us....

Hi! I’m Lizz, the owner of ZZZ Doggie Beds. Thanks for stopping by.

It all started in high school when my sister Tracy needed an outdoor chair, bored one day I made a timber chair and painted it purple. 

Her response when I proudly showed her was  ‘’ it’s hard, it’s made out of wood ’’

My mum kept it for over 10 years!

Many years later with a lot of extra time on my hands I made my Peanut a dog house. He only went in it once but why would he when he has my entire house.

A few years later arthritis started and he was struggling to jump on and off my bed so there was my next project – a new bed for us that is practically on the floor

Then came Covid 19 – along with reduced work hours and a new bed for Peanut!

Peanut loves relaxing in the sun all day long so I’m forever moving his beds around, I fitted wheels and a handle and the wagon bed was born.

Spoil your pooch with a wagon bed?

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