With ZZZ Doggie Beds

It's a dogs life.....

Is your doggie companion old and arthritic?

Are walks together to the local shops are slow or non-existent? Has your pal had surgery or recent health complications, so they find it hard to get around? Maybe your doggie companion is young and spritely, but can’t get enough of the zzzz time?  

Whatever the size, shape, age or temperament of your doggie companion, friend and family member, you’ve come to the right place!  A Doggie Bed will help you move your doggie around in both style and comfort.

Handmade mobile beds for your pooch

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, our doggie beds are made with wood, crafted by hand with lot’s of love.

Take your pooch outdoors, for a walk or simply move them from room to room allowing them to rest and age gracefully.

Spoil your pooch by customising your doggie bed with their favourite colour and your doggies name.

Meet Peanut

The inspiration behind ZZZ Doggie Beds

Like most dog owners, Peanut is a child to me and is a part of everything I do. As Peanut has gotten older, he was finding it harder and harder to get around and especially to jump on the bed to sleep each day. 

I needed a solution! He needed a comfy bed that was on the floor. But also one that is mobile, that can be moved from one area of the house to another.  

A mobile bed is what Peanut needed and the first ZZZ Doggie Bed was created.

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